Hey there! I’m Cate. I tend to bake when I’m bored, stressed, excited, or just feel like it – which is pretty often. I like to bake. A lot. I also like to run long distances, so things sort of even out for me.

There are about a million food blogs out there, and I have no aspirations to make this a full time gig. I have mad respect for those who do, but this is just kind of a hobby, kind of a baking journal for me. I tend to like to try new recipes a lot, and then I forget which ones worked out, which ones were total failures, which ones I would try again with some tweaks. So I’m writing all that down here and sharing it with my friends and my mom and anyone who randomly stumbles across the site.

If you’re one of those random folks, welcome! In real life, I teach college English, live in Greenville, South Carolina, and have a pretty awesome dog. I’ve been baking since I was like twelve, have a raging sweet tooth, and am something of a baked-goods snob as a result.


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