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Digital Nomad Series: Home is Where Your Stuff Is… Unpacked

I’ve been itinerant (i.e. a digital nomad) for eleven and a half months now, or 348 days, to be precise (but who’s counting?). And, honestly, I’m kind of over it. I was kind of over it at the seven month mark, which is one of the various reasons I haven’t written much the past few months… tired and grumpy posting just didn’t seem terribly appealing to anyone. Not that it’s all been tired and grumpy! It’s also been awesome and super busy. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: Home is Where Your Stuff Is… Unpacked”

Digital Nomad Series: A Peaceful Few Days in Panama

I’m writing this from a hammock on the front porch of a beach house off the Pacific coast of Panama. (Sorry, not sorry for all the prepositional phrases there). The rain has been softly falling for a while now, and that has (thankfully) cooled things off enough to make dusk an enjoyable time to be outside. Ten days ago, I was relaxing on a very different front porch in La Crosse, Wisconsin and had no idea that I’d be here. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: A Peaceful Few Days in Panama”

Digital Nomad Series: Hitting the Wall

Long distance runners have a lot of different ways of talking about “the wall.” It’s the moment, somewhere late in the race, when all of a sudden everything just gives out: your energy, your motivation, your will to live… (ok, maybe not quite that extreme). I hit it at hit it at mile two of the Flying Pirate Half last month. I hit it on mile six of the Pittsburgh half two weeks ago when it was still raining and I had to cross another dang bridge. And I kind of hit my digital nomad-ing wall this week — after arriving in my fourth city in five days. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: Hitting the Wall”

Digital Nomad Love the snow in Pittsburgh

Digital Nomad Series: Reflections on a Month in Pittsburgh

When I told people I was planning to spend a month in Pittsburgh, anyone who hadn’t been there seemed a bit baffled. And I can’t say I blame them. Before I visited, Pittsburgh fell into a list of mid-sized U.S. cities that seemed fine but that I’d never really had any compelling reason to think about: Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit… etc. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: Reflections on a Month in Pittsburgh”