Lemon Cookies with White Chocolate Chunks and Toasted Coconut

The recipe for these delightful cookies spent a long time languishing in my “to bake” folder, mostly because I don’t tend to have lemons on hand. And I don’t really consider white chocolate, well, chocolate. (Because it’s not!) However. I am occasionally willing to overlook that fact, and these chewy, fluffy cookies are a great reason to do so.

Brown Sugar Cookies

Brown Sugar (crack) Cookies

“Crack” is a title I reserve for the kinds of sweets that are so freakin sugary-delicious that they’re slightly brain-melting in terms of good/addictiveness. These decidedly qualify.

Vegan blood orange cookies with pink glaze

Blood Orange Cookies (that happen to be vegan)

These pretty little blood orange cookies (that happen to be vegan) are so surprisingly delicious that I’m skipping over a backlog of many un-posted recipes to share them with you. (Sitting down to write this is also helping me stay out of the kitchen because I must. stop. eating. them.)