Digital Nomad Series: A Peaceful Few Days in Panama

I’m writing this from a hammock on the front porch of a beach house off the Pacific coast of Panama. (Sorry, not sorry for all the prepositional phrases there). The rain has been softly falling for a while now, and that has (thankfully) cooled things off enough to make dusk an enjoyable time to be outside. Ten days ago, I was relaxing on a very different front porch in La Crosse, Wisconsin and had no idea that I’d be here. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: A Peaceful Few Days in Panama”

Digital Nomad Series: Hitting the Wall

Long distance runners have a lot of different ways of talking about “the wall.” It’s the moment, somewhere late in the race, when all of a sudden everything just gives out: your energy, your motivation, your will to live… (ok, maybe not quite that extreme). I hit it at hit it at mile two of the Flying Pirate Half last month. I hit it on mile six of the Pittsburgh half two weeks ago when it was still raining and I had to cross another dang bridge. And I kind of hit my digital nomad-ing wall this week — after arriving in my fourth city in five days. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: Hitting the Wall”

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon: Race Review

Regardless of what I might have thought about the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon had events unfolded more auspiciously, it shall forever be recorded in my memory as the race without (enough) port-o-potties. That pretty much sums it up — if you don’t want to read further details about GI matters, turn back now! (Though I’ll at least reassure everyone that there were no digestive disasters — in spite of the lack of facilities). Continue reading “Lake Sammamish Half Marathon: Race Review”