Root Beer Whoopie Pie Cookies
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Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies

Ever since my epic search for root beer ingredients – which was ultimately disappointing – I’ve been determined to find a way to incorporate root beer flavoring into a dessert.


Chocolate Root Beer Poppers

These, my friends, are the culmination of a epic quest for ingredients – a quest that spanned more than seven grocery establishments and ten days of increasing irritation  (until I ultimately caved and resorted to, as is so often the way).

Sprinkle covered sugar cookies

Confetti Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

These festive little lovelies have been circulating my facebook of late, and I naturally couldn’t resist the temptation to give the recipe a try. I didn’t use to be that into sprinkles (on the principle that they don’t taste that great), but they’re so damn joyful! I had to give these a shot.

Salted Malted Brown Butter Cookies

Salted Malted Brown Butter Cookies

Good lord, I love brown butter. The nutty, caramelly flavor takes most recipes to the next level of awesome. And, as we’ve already established, I love malt. So these malted brown butter cookies clearly needed to happen.