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Gobbler Grind Half Marathon Medal 2018

Gobbler Grind Half Marathon: Race Review

Particularly in contrast to my last race, the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon in Overland Park, Kansas was an absolute treat. It’s a lovely little race with good course support and fairly decent swag. Continue reading “Gobbler Grind Half Marathon: Race Review”

Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon: Race Review

I’ve waited a while to write this… both because life is a bit chaotic at present, and because I can’t stop thinking “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” And I’m honestly having a very hard time thinking of anything nice to say. But I’m running another half tomorrow, so I should probably get this over with. Shake it off, as Taylor would say, so I can start fresh. Continue reading “Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon: Race Review”