Heart Breaker Half Marathon Medal Portland Oregon 2019

Heart Breaker Half Marathon (Portland, OR): Race Review

Y’all know I usually complain about hilly courses (see races in Pomona, Hotlanta, etc.). Given how few races out there are especially flat, you’d think I’d be over it by now. Maybe once I actually live somewhere again I’ll start training on hills and become less of a wuss. It would certainly make me sound less curmudgeonly in most of these reviews. BUT! You guys. Today, I ran the hilliest race of my life, and I loved it. Loved it! (I’m actually writing this on race day for once, and it’s possible I’m still a little high on adrenaline, caffeine, and sugar… but still. It was awesome.) Continue reading “Heart Breaker Half Marathon (Portland, OR): Race Review”

Digital Nomad Love the snow in Pittsburgh

Digital Nomad Series: Reflections on a Month in Pittsburgh

When I told people I was planning to spend a month in Pittsburgh, anyone who hadn’t been there seemed a bit baffled. And I can’t say I blame them. Before I visited, Pittsburgh fell into a list of mid-sized U.S. cities that seemed fine but that I’d never really had any compelling reason to think about: Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit… etc. Continue reading “Digital Nomad Series: Reflections on a Month in Pittsburgh”

Pomona Holiday Half Marathon & 5K Ugly Sweater Run Snowflake Medal

Holiday Half Marathon & Ugly Sweater 5k (Pomona, CA): Race Review

When I’m puttering around the Internet, planning out my upcoming races (which is a fair bit of the time), my decisions start with looking at a calendar and a map. (Running in the USA‘s map view changed my life!!) Then, once I find a suitable candidate, I google the medal. And yes, I have 100% vetoed potential races because they had crappy medals. I want the evidence of my triumph over sanity to sparkle! Continue reading “Holiday Half Marathon & Ugly Sweater 5k (Pomona, CA): Race Review”