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Sioux Falls Skedaddle Medal - Half Marathon 2019

Sioux Falls Skedaddle Half Marathon: Race Review

Y’all, with a name like Skedaddle, I obviously had to run this race. Continue reading “Sioux Falls Skedaddle Half Marathon: Race Review”

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon: Race Review

Regardless of what I might have thought about the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon had events unfolded more auspiciously, it shall forever be recorded in my memory as the race without (enough) port-o-potties. That pretty much sums it up — if you don’t want to read further details about GI matters, turn back now! (Though I’ll at least reassure everyone that there were no digestive disasters — in spite of the lack of facilities). Continue reading “Lake Sammamish Half Marathon: Race Review”

Heart Breaker Half Marathon Medal Portland Oregon 2019

Heart Breaker Half Marathon (Portland, OR): Race Review

Y’all know I usually complain about hilly courses (see races in Pomona, Hotlanta, etc.). Given how few races out there are especially flat, you’d think I’d be over it by now. Maybe once I actually live somewhere again I’ll start training on hills and become less of a wuss. It would certainly make me sound less curmudgeonly in most of these reviews. BUT! You guys. Today, I ran the hilliest race of my life, and I loved it. Loved it! (I’m actually writing this on race day for once, and it’s possible I’m still a little high on adrenaline, caffeine, and sugar… but still. It was awesome.) Continue reading “Heart Breaker Half Marathon (Portland, OR): Race Review”

Pomona Holiday Half Marathon & 5K Ugly Sweater Run Snowflake Medal

Holiday Half Marathon & Ugly Sweater 5k (Pomona, CA): Race Review

When I’m puttering around the Internet, planning out my upcoming races (which is a fair bit of the time), my decisions start with looking at a calendar and a map. (Running in the USA‘s map view changed my life!!) Then, once I find a suitable candidate, I google the medal. And yes, I have 100% vetoed potential races because they had crappy medals. I want the evidence of my triumph over sanity to sparkle! Continue reading “Holiday Half Marathon & Ugly Sweater 5k (Pomona, CA): Race Review”

Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon: Race Review

I’ve waited a while to write this… both because life is a bit chaotic at present, and because I can’t stop thinking “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” And I’m honestly having a very hard time thinking of anything nice to say. But I’m running another half tomorrow, so I should probably get this over with. Shake it off, as Taylor would say, so I can start fresh. Continue reading “Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon: Race Review”

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Finding Motivation to Run in Cruddy Weather (Hot or Cold)

This post is rather belated given that (in theory) my least favorite running season is finally coming to an end. I wish the weather forecast would get the memo, though. It’s Fall, for pity’s sake. It has been Fall for almost two weeks! But this weekend’s 11 mile run in 75°, 90% humidity was brutal. In practice, South Carolina is still clinging to summer. Continue reading “Finding Motivation to Run in Cruddy Weather (Hot or Cold)”